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29 May 2008

UWS expert part of National Council to help reduce violence against women and children
In Brief: The University of Western Sydney's Associate Professor Moira Carmody, a noted expert and researcher on sexual assault prevention and education, has been appointed to the Australian Government's National Council to Reduce Violence Against Women and Children

11 December 2006 Study reveals young people want to learn how to better negotiate ethical, safe sexual relationships
20 February 2006 Rethinking anti-rape education for young people (PDF 31 kb)



8-9 August 2009 A lot more to learn than where babies come from, Opinion piece by Nina Funnell, Sydney Morning Herald
4 August 2009 Insight on SBS Sexual Consent
20 May 2009 National Sexual Assault Prevention Education Project (SAPE) Standard Launch
May 2009 Relationship education moves focus from the 'plumbing' of sexual education, Teacher Magazine
March 2009 Queensland Centre for Domestic and Family Violence Research (CDFVR) Reader. Volume 7 No. 3, March 2009 - Pages 14 – 15 Evidence based practice.
7 January 2009 A little help for young couples in making the right sexual choices, Armidale Express Extra, p6
11 June 2008 Sex Assault Expert Appointed to Panel, Bankstown Canterbury Torch p7
13 April 2006 “Study targets sex assaults” by Rebecca Woolley, Manly Daily (250 words) p.8
30 March 2006 ABC Radio National ‘Life Matters’ with Richard Aedy
9:25AM interview with Associate Professor Moira Carmody (11 min)
Program podcast / MP3 / streamed audio available at - see Thursday 30 March 2006 entry
01 March 2006 “Anti-violence study” Blacktown Advocate (270 words) p.12
28 February 2006 “Sexual violence among young” Mt Druitt St Marys Standard (240 words) p.12
23 February 2006 “Finding a way to stem violence” Penrith Press (270 words) p.20
23 February 2006 “SEXUAL ASSAULT STUDY” Sydney Star Observer (70 words) p.5